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Package Pricing


  • $650.00 per day per person including camp rental.  Minimum 2 nights stay and 4 persons required to reserve lodging.  
  • $500.00 per day per person without camp rental.  Minimum of 4 clients. 

50% Deposit due within 10 days of booking to reserve dates.


Clients and guides will make contact the evening before and discuss any plans for the morning ahead.  Departure time will be determined by the drive time required to reach your destination.

After everyone is settled in, the hunt will begin at legal shooting time as determined by the guide according to the law. This is to be one half hour before sunrise. Hunting will continue until a legal limit has been reached or it has been decided that no more opportunity will be had.

No hunting will be permitted after 12 o'clock noon.


Waders: Most blinds are accessible without them. However, not having them could cost you an opportunity.
Outerwear: Prior to leaving home, we recommend checking either with us or a trusted weather source in order to prepare specifically for your dates here with us. Rain gear is always recommended.
Camo Patterns: If a choice can be made, try to keep things on the hardwoods or marsh end of the spectrum. Sometimes brightly colored patterns look out of place in this region.
Gun/Shells: Either a 20 or 12 gauge is sufficient for most of our spots. Also it is recommended to have either a modified or improved cylinder choke. We suggest a quality steel or other non-toxic shell with 1 1/8 oz. to 1 3/8 oz. of shot depending on chamber length and gauge of gun.
License/stamps: Each client MUST have a Mississippi hunting license and Mississippi Duck Stamp along with a Federal Duck Stamp.



Each group of clients will be provided with a guide and dog. The use of boat or ATV is necessary in all hunting locations and will also be provided for each hunt. The guide will be responsible for calling and retrieval of downed birds.