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Beaver Dam Hunting Services - Mississippi Duck Hunts

For over a century now, Beaver Dam Lake and the area surrounding it have been regarded as a premiere waterfowl destination in North Mississippi. Made famous through the writing of Nash Buckingham in the first part of the 20th century, it has become a place of historical significance that many hope to visit in their lifetime.

This same area is now home to Beaver Dam Hunting Services; a family owned business providing professionally guided duck hunts since 1982. The property and habitat we hunt is as vast and diverse as the species of waterfowl that call it home during the winter. From flooded grain fields and willow sloughs, to the hallowed cypress filled waters of Beaver Dam, we hope to provide a hunt of a lifetime as you experience legendary waterfowling at its best.

Bo Whoop from DucksUnlimited on Vimeo.